Experts at Sea

United Fisheries of Kuwait is the largest processor and supplier of fresh and frozen seafood products in Kuwait. Founded in 1972, we have been the country’s main seafood suppliers ever since, even establishing Danah, our best-selling brand of frozen-packed seafood.

With over than four decades worth of experience, we are proud to be leaders in the fishing industry not only in Kuwait, but also in the Middle East.




Meet Our Family

From the bows of our ships to the ends of our assembly lines, we know quality control starts with us. Above all else, our employees are guaranteed only the highest ethical, environmental and financial rights.

In short, we don’t swim with companies that do not abide by international labor laws.

Advanced Maritime Fleets

With an advanced fishing fleet composed of boats and trawlers, we are considered one of the biggest maritime fleets in the Middle East. But we know size isn’t everything. That’s why we are always making sure our fishing methods are both strategic and efficient, equipping our fleets with the latest in navigation and preservation technologies. The end result? A consistently high quality catch that retains its quality from the deck of the ship all the way to your doorstep.

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