Quality Above Everything

While there’s plenty of fish in the sea, we are only interested in the ones worth catching. To ensure we catch only the best every single time, our quality control department is always hard at work:

Equipping our fleets and plants with all necessary tools and technologies

Consistent quality, constant quality improvement, customer satisfaction, traceability and food safety are key principles linked with UFK's product quality.

Employing only the most sophisticated machinery capable of capturing, producing and packaging all kinds of seafood products

Earning world-recognized certification standards, including ensuring our plants are ISO-certified year after year

Our laboratories in Shuiba and Doha plants carry on daily inspections varying between, Organoleptic and Microbiological inspections

Cutting - Edge Facilities

We currently have two major ISO-certified facilities in both our Shuiba and Doha ports in Kuwait. Each plant is fully equipped with advanced processing, packaging equipment and large freezing capacities. 

As part of our future strategy to keep up with high demand and novel products, we are planning to expand our fishing and procuring operations regionally by building.